About Us

Sheikh Saeed Jewelry

Sheikh Saeed Jewelry, a beacon of elegance and craftsmanship, emerged in the heart of Sahab city, Amman, in 2015. Founded by the visionary Sheikh Saeed Al-Maharma and his dedicated sons, our establishment is officially registered with the Jordanian Ministry of Industry and Trade under the trade name Saeed & Karmah Jewelry (National Number: 10454508). Our specialization lies in the captivating world of gold and jewelry, where tradition meets innovation.

Our Commitment

Since our inception, we have been unwavering in our commitment to excellence. Our mission? To offer you the most exquisite gold jewelry—whether sourced internationally or meticulously crafted locally. Each piece is a testament to our passion for quality, aesthetics, and timeless beauty. But our dedication doesn’t end there.

Guiding Your Journey

In an era of digital transformation, where e-commerce, social media, and doorstep delivery redefine convenience, we recognize your need for more than just an online store. You deserve a trusted guide—a compass that steers you through the intricate details of every gold piece you desire.

Unveiling the Story

Every jewelry piece has a story, a unique narrative woven into its design, materials, and craftsmanship. At Sheikh Saeed Jewelry, we believe in sharing these stories with you. When you explore our collection, you’ll find answers to questions that matter:

  1. Price: What is the cost of this exquisite piece?
  2. Weight: How much does it weigh? Every gram carries significance.
  3. Karat: Understanding karat purity—what does it truly signify?
  4. Gold Price Today: Stay informed about the dynamic gold market.
  5. Making Charges: Transparent pricing—no hidden surprises.
  6. Size and Length: Whether it’s a ring or a chain, we provide precise dimensions.
  7. Visual Delight: More pictures await your discerning eye.
  8. Purchase Process: How can you make this treasure yours?

Your Journey with Us

Consider this store your compass—from A to Z. Whether you visit our exhibition or opt for doorstep delivery, we guide you through the process. Local or global, our reliable payment channels ensure a seamless experience.

Crafted with Care

Each piece displayed here undergoes meticulous stages before gracing your collection. From sourcing and karat stamping at the Standards and Metrology Institution to precise weighing, quality checks, and captivating photography, we ensure that every detail aligns with our commitment to excellence.

Beyond Jewelry

But Sheikh Saeed Jewelry is more than just gold and gems. It’s a promise—a promise to celebrate your individuality, your milestones, and your moments of joy. Welcome to our world, where elegance meets authenticity.

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